“A proper funeral gets the dead where they need to go and the living where they need to be.”

The arrangement conference

There is an underlying intention of the arrangement of conference whereby the funeral services ask relevant questions about the deceased, share stories and explore the many options available to you. Upon doing so, it will lead to the most appropriate service for your fallen loved ones, your faith, and your budget. You should consider quite a few factors such as determining when, where and how to conduct the funeral prayer or memorial service. Choose unique music selections and prayers. Special personal touches will help you commemorate the life of that fallen dear ones. Funeral services will advise and guide you, but it is ultimately your decision.

Memorial Service

The ceremony

The initial decision in this step involves selecting the perfect location for your loved one’s funeral or memorial service. The choice is up to you concerning when and where to conduct the ceremony, either in a beautiful chapel or any other place of choice. Next step would be the process of informing your full circle of friends and family about the date, time and event location. Funeral services can help you spread the word faster through their print and online channels to bring together community members to commemorate the loved one’s life.

When choosing burial

If you have finalized on the option of conducting a burial service for the loved one, the presence of a casket during the ceremony is mandatory. Besides, many people opt to hold a viewing of the loved one before service. Whatever you may decide, full services will work together with you to provide every opportunity to bring in friends and family members to say one last goodbye before the burial.

About cremation and ceremony

A general misconception when opting for cremation is many families cannot hold a funeral, memorial service or remembrance service. However, this is not true since the opposite is recommended. Hosting a memorial service will help you and your loved ones with the healing process. There are new options available to bring cremation and ceremony together such as providing you with a rental casket for the deceased, so that family member gets to benefit from one last view before cremation. Today, many families opt to have funeral receptions following the service. It can either be a small, intimate gathering or a significant community event.